Old Volvo MD-11C
Old nav station
New 3-cylinder, freshwater
cooled Volvo MD-2030
installed in 2001
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Early on we started having intermittent problems with our
venerable 2 cylinder sea-water cooled Volvo. With no glow
plugs it was getting cranky to start. It looked great from above
but was slowly rusting underneath. Eventually it sprang an oil
leak and needed to be pulled.  Based on advice from those that
had disasters with their rebuilt engines and the price trade off  
the decision was made not to rebuild and buy new. The new
engine now gives us confidence that it will start when needed.
Thanks Tony.
Lesson learned:
Just because it looks new doesn't mean it runs like new.

The old port frames were stained by chemical etching through
the anodize. They were also heavly scratched and hard to see
thru. Two of the four forward ports didn't open and the other
two had plastic frames.
The four forward ports were replaced with stainless opening
ports. The four aft portlights were replaced with new custom
made aluminum fixed portlights with tinted 1/4" plexiglass.
Old tired ports. Some
weren't opening type.
New SS opening ports from
New Found Metals
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Nav Station

The old navagation station area was an open shelf  with loosely
held nav equipment. Knowing this would be an important area
for us we reorganized it and installed the following equipment:

Icom M710 Single Sideband Radio with a Pactor PTC-IIpro
radio modem, JVC stereo, Icom M502 VHF radio, voice
speaker, Solor Pro solar regulator and a Link 10 volt/amp
New nav station